Blocking the Tide
The city of Venice is in peril as a result of increased tidal flooding, and a proposed system of movable gates offers the greatest promise of safeguarding the city's future....

Virtual Plant Software Unites Hydraulics and Water Quality Data

Irrigation Method Selection Process
Intelligent selection of the irrigation method that best meets the goals and objectives of an irrigated agricultural development is of primary importance in the design process. A system...

Effect of Bridge Pier Shape and Contraction Ratios on Backwater Profile

Hydraulic Design of Bridge with Erodible Road Embankments

Estimation of Bridge Pier Scour Using the Erodibility Index Method

Geomorphic and Hydraulic Factors Affecting Stream Stability at New York Thruway Bridges

Utilizing Geomorphic Analogs for Design of Natural Stream Channels

Local Scour at Bridge Piers in Coarse-Bed Channels

Three-Dimensional Hydraulic Analysis for Calculation of Scour at Bridge Piers with Fender Systems

Effect of Fenders on Local Pier Scour

Vertical Contraction Scour at Bridges with Water Flowing Under Pressure Conditions

Abutment Scour in Compound Channels

Practical Method for Calculating Contraction Scour

Contraction Scour at a Bridge over the Iowa River

Contraction Scour at a Bridge Over Wolf Creek, Iowa

Contraction Scour at Bridges: Clear-Water Conditions with Armoring

Contraction Scour at Bridges Founded on Clay Soils

Contraction Scour at Bridges: Analytic Model for Coarse-Bed Channels

Contraction Scour: Two Iowa Case Studies





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