Making Big Data Work for You and Your Project: A 3-D Geotechnical Model is a Smart Way to Work
Modeling the stratigraphy beneath a site and assigning soil and rock properties are important steps in geotechnical engineering. Geotechnical engineers often need to model ground conditions...

BIM in Geotechnics: The Benefits of Including Geotechnical Data in Building Information Modelling
Building Information Modelling (BIM) is becoming increasingly common around the world on building and civil engineering projects, but what are the benefits to geotechnical engineers and...

Geo-Congress 2014
Technical Papers and Keynote Lectures
Proceedings of the 2014 Geo-Congress, held in Atlanta, Georgia, February 23-26, 2014. Sponsored by the Geo-Institute of ASCE. GSP 234, Geo-Congress...

Estimation of Consolidation Properties of Clay from Field Observations
Analyses to obtain theoretical time-settlement curves for embankments typically make use of soil properties measured in the laboratory on small disturbed samples subject to strain rates...

Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivity of Partially Saturated Soils
Increased interest in protection of the environment has led to a need to be able to predict long-term movement of moisture, and contaminants, in the vicinity of shallow land disposal sites...

A Fault-Rupture Propagation Model for Ground Motion Simulation

Mathematical Modelling of Intermediate Trusses

'City Beach' Plan Would Bring Sand Dunes to Urban Waterfront

MIT's CitySCOPE Features 3-D Models for Urban Planning

Hybrid Modelling of Seismic Structure Interaction

Numerical Modeling Applications in Offshore Petroleum Developments

NewsBriefs: Microscopic Device Designed to Remediates Massive Oil Spills (Discovery Channel)

Hydrologic Modeling in 2050: Knowledge Requirements in a Multi-Nonstationary Environment

Smart Levees - Getting the Most out of Flood Barriers

Cyclic Static Model Pile Tests in a Centrifuge

3-D Hydraulic Model of Waves Generated by Displacements

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Research Using a Large Centrifuge

NewsBriefs: Benefits of Fracking Will Not Come without Costs, Study Says (Environmental Business Journal)

Mitosis, the process of cell division, can help living organisms heal themselves. This potential inspired the design of the Suzhou Children's Hospital, which is planned for the delta region of China's Yangtze (Chang Jiang) River...

Work Begins on Control Structure for Folsom Dam Auxiliary Spillway





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