Pumping Up Flood Defenses
Completed in April 2018, the $731-million Permanent Canal Closures and Pumps project represents the final component of the overall Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System that serves the greater...

Advances In Geosynthetic Solutions For Sustainable Landfill Design: Geosynthetics Really Do Last!
Even though geosynthetics are now a well-established discipline within geotechnical engineering, ingenuity continues to play a significant role in projects involving their use. This is because it’s possible...

Delegate, Network, and Ask for What You Want
Justin Siegrist, P.E., M.ASCE, is the hydraulic modeling lead in the Cincinnati office of Wade Trim. His advice to young engineers: delegate, network, and ask for what you want....

The Fracking Debate: The Risks, Benefits, and Uncertainties of the Shale Revolution, By Daniel Raimi. New York: Columbia University Press, 2017

Design for Major Flood-Control Project in Norfolk Begins to Take Shape

D.C. Unveils Design for New Anacostia River Crossing

Rapidly Constructed Pipeline Delivers Nonpotable Supplies to West Texas Fracking Operations

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design Methods
Computational methods for hydrologic analysis, hydraulic functions, and treatment capacity of permeable pavements vary depending on the complexity of the design and level of detail in...

Estimation of Consolidation Properties of Clay from Field Observations
Analyses to obtain theoretical time-settlement curves for embankments typically make use of soil properties measured in the laboratory on small disturbed samples subject to strain rates...

Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivity of Partially Saturated Soils
Increased interest in protection of the environment has led to a need to be able to predict long-term movement of moisture, and contaminants, in the vicinity of shallow land disposal sites...

'City Beach' Plan Would Bring Sand Dunes to Urban Waterfront

NewsBriefs: Microscopic Device Designed to Remediates Massive Oil Spills (Discovery Channel)

Smart Levees - Getting the Most out of Flood Barriers

Mitosis, the process of cell division, can help living organisms heal themselves. This potential inspired the design of the Suzhou Children's Hospital, which is planned for the delta region of China's Yangtze (Chang Jiang) River...

Longshore Transport of Sand and Beach Nourishment

Sand Bypassing at Santa Barbara, California

3-D Hydraulic Model of Waves Generated by Displacements

Dye-Vector Flow Visualization-Cooling Water Model

Design Wave (Including Scott-Wiegel Wave Spectrum Model)

Cooling by Ocean Water: Model/Field Comparison





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