Designing with Nature: The Development of a More Sustainable Approach to River Channel and Floodplain Restoration in the UK

River Rehabilitation Measures for a Lowland Channel with Flood Defense Requirements: River Idle, UK

The Analysis of River Rehabilitation Schemes Using One and Two Dimensional Hydraulic Modelling Programs

Design of Natural Urban Stream Systems Using Regime Equations

Designing Ecologically-Sound Banks Along Navigation Canals

Development of a River Bed with Hydraulic Models

Control and Creation of Tidal Residual Current in a Semi-Enclosed Bay by Bottom Roughness with Directional Resistance Characteristics

Hydraulic Geometry for River Estuaries

Geomorphological Analysis and Modelling Studies of Yunlin Coast

Numerical Model for River Mouth Sand-Bar Flushing

Research on the Application of Numerical Simulation in Water Channel Design

Turbulence Modelling of Secondary Tide Induced Circulation in Rectangular Harbours

Numerical Modelling of Solute Transport in a Compound Channel

Three-Dimensional Modeling of Compound Channels with Vegetated Flood Plains

Validation Test-Cases for Dam-Break Models

Engine 2000: Researches into the Next Generation of Computational Hydraulic Modelling

An Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Computational Hydraulics

Appraisal of a Geometric Model for Self-Formed Channels in Uniform Sand

River Classification by Regime Theory

Classification of Ripples and Dunes in the Lower Flow Regime





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