Analytical Model for Hydraulic Roughness of Submerged Vegetation

1-D or 2-D Models for River Hydraulic Studies?

Steady Flow Over an Obstacle with Contraction and Sill

Lateral Velocity Variations in a Compound Channel - A Practical Approach

Numerical Analysis of Horizontal Vortices in Compound Open Channel Flows by the Two-Layered Flow Model

Three Dimensional Modeling of Flow and Transport Mechanisms in Meandering Two-Stage Channel Flows

Reliability of Algorithms for Water Quality Analysis in Hydraulic Networks

Enhancement of Irrigation Systems in Developing Countries. A Holistic Approach

Analytic Solution of the Transient Storage Equations Accounting for Solute Decay

Advection and Diffusion Properties of Air Bubbles in Open Channel Flow

Initial Experiences with Particle Image Velocimetry Applied to Particulate Flows

Particle-Image Velocimetry for Ice-Field Velocities

Turbulent Behaviors in Open Channel Trench Analyzed by Using PIV and Turbulence Model

Simultaneous Measurement of Surface Velocity Distributions and Bed Configurations Under Flood Conditions

Measurement of Cohesive Sediment Erodibility in a Laboratory Flume

On the Added Mass of a Turbulent Jet in Crossflow

Hydraulics of Two-Layer Exchange Flow Over a Sill

Reach-Average Dimensions for Channel Reconstruction

Designing with Nature: The Development of a More Sustainable Approach to River Channel and Floodplain Restoration in the UK

River Rehabilitation Measures for a Lowland Channel with Flood Defense Requirements: River Idle, UK





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