Water Resources and Environment
This proceedings, Coordination: Water Resources and Environment, consists of papers presented at ASCE's 25th Annual Conference...

Water Resources and the Urban Environment
This proceedings, Water Resources and the Urban Environment, contains extended abstracts presented at the ASCE 25th Conference on Water Resources...

Water Resources and the Urban Environment-98
This proceedings, Water Resources and the Urban Environment-98, contains papers presented at the 1998 National Conference on Environmental...

Wastewater Lagoons for Cold Regions

Ground Water Remediation/Frozen Soil Reactor Gates

Hydraulic Behaviour of Geosynthetics in Freezing Conditions

Modeling Ice-Covered Rivers Using HEC-RAS

Design of River Crossings for the Trans-Alaska Fiber Optic Cable: Case History

Ice-Cover Thickening at River–Reservoir Confluences: A Case Study

Freeze-Thaw Effects on a 10% Sand-Bentonite Mixture

Experimentally Determined Freeze-Thaw Effects on the Hydraulic Conductivity of Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Detecting Cracks by Image Analysis on a Parallel Computer

Effectiveness of Landslide-Control Measures: A Numerical Approach

Design Conditions and Analysis Methods for Soil-Cement Buttresses in Fort Point Channel

Geotechnical Performance of a Highway Embankment Constructed Using Waste Foundry Sand
A highway embankment was constructed near Auburn, Indiana, using waste foundry sand (WFS) as a demonstration project for the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). Laboratory testing...

Using Waste Foundry Sand for Hydraulic Barriers
Green sand is a mixture of uniformly graded fine silica sand, bentonite, and organic binders that is used to make molds for castings in gray-iron foundries. Large quantities of waste green...

A National Standard for Flood-Resistant Design and Construction

Effectively Managing a Sensitive River Corridor

Best Management Practices Used in the Houston Area

Water Quality Retrofit of an Existing Drainage Basin Using a Sand Filter Design





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