Modeling the Fate and Transport of Emulsion Fuels Spilled in Marine Environments

Transport and Separation of Particles by Chaotic Advection

Characteristics of Headland Wakes in Shallow Flow

Flushing Time in Estuaries: A Method for Quantification with Unknown Amount of Freshwater Input

Shear Strength Components Attributable to Cementation Versus Soil Suction in Arid Environments

Preliminary Studies of a Karst Warm Spring in Mt. Kräuterin, Austria
A warm spring occurs at the west foot of Mt. Kruterin, characterized by relatively higher temperature (17.4°C) and sulfate concentration (162 mg/L) against with the regional background...

Entrainment of Eggs and Larval Fish into Propeller Jets
Because larval fish have limited mobility and eggs have no mobility, both are susceptible to entrainment into the propeller jets of passing vessels. Entrainment subjects eggs and larvae,...

A Three Dimensional Oil Spill Model
This paper reports the development and testing of a comprehensive three-dimensional oil spill model. At present time, the model components include advection and turbulent diffusion, vertical...

Transport Modeling of the Coastal Waters of Oahu, Hawaii
A hydrodynamic model of the coastal waters around the island of Oahu, Hawaii has been constructed to provide quantitative information on the movements and mixing of water that are to be...

Effect of Copper Slag on the Hydration of Blended Cementitious Mixtures

Coupled Processes of Gas Hydrates Dissociation and Fluid Filtration in Saturated Porous Media

Turbulence Measurements in Saline Gravity Current Fronts

Sorption of Water in Mortars and Concrete

State-of-the-Art of Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement

Mixing Processes in the Dangava River Estuary
The aim of this report is to present main changes in the hydrology of the Daugava River estuary after its natural water flow became regulated and to present a simple physical model of...

Mixing Influences on Cement-Based Waste Forms
High-shear, medium-shear, and low-shear mixing tests were conducted on paste and paste + fly-ash mixes: The specimens, cured for 28-days, were tested for free water generation, compressive...

Studies on Herbal Desalination
India has a rich background traditional technologies. Varahamihira, an omni talented scientist of A.D 505–587 in his treatise entitled Brihatsamhita, suggested the use of five herbs for...

The Dielectric Constant of Soil-NAPL Mixtures at Low Frequencies (100 Hz—10 kHz)

Maturity and Damage Concepts for the Prediction of Deformation and Cracking of Concrete at Early Ages

Manning's N from an Extended Rainfall-Runoff Data Set on a Concrete Surface





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