Flood Reduction Efficiency of the Water-Management System in Dade County (Miami), Florida
Two tropical weather systems, Hurricane Donna (1960) and Tropical Storm Dennis (1981), produced nearly equivalent amounts of rainfall in a 48-hour period south of the Miami (Florida) area....

Meteorological Overview of Hurricane Alicia

Mesoscale Structure of Hurricane Alicia

Hurricane Alicia—Probabilities and Effects

Wind Speed Estimation Errors in Hurricane Alicia

Wind Speed-Damage Correlation in Hurricane Alicia

The Response of Transmission Towers in Hilly Terrain to Typhoon Winds

Performance of Offshore and Coastal Structures During Alicia

Window Glass Performance and Hurricane Effects

Window Glass Performance and Analysis in Hurricane Alicia

Glass Design in Hurricane Regions

Hurricane Wind Load Criteria of the ANSI Standard

Hurricane Requirements of the Standard Building Code

Hurricane Provisions of the South Florida Building Code

Prior Planning for Post-Hurricane Reconstruction
Planning for hurricane emergencies has focused upon the period immediately before and after the storm's arrival, emphasizing evacuation and disaster relief. Mitigation of...

Friction in Hurricane Induced Surges
Bed shear stresses induced by the flowing water are expressed by means of a friction factor for which formulas are developed for: ocean bottom, mangrove fringes and areas, forested areas...

Hurricane Alicia
One Year Later
In the pre-dawn hours of August 28, 2983, Hurricane Alicia ripped its way ashore at the western tip of Galveston Island and moved northward to the Greater Houston area. This storm caused...

Hurricane Evacuation Studies, an Overview of Major Analyses
The purpose of this manuscript is to present the methods employed, the types of data generated and the interrelationships of the major analyses conducted for a hurricane evacuation study....

Hurricane Diana: Impact on Coastal Development
Hurricane Diana affected the coast of North Carolina during the period of September 11-14, 1984. Builders, designers, building officials and insurance adjusters responded to a written...

Simulation of Hurricane Wind Speeds





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