Hurricane Hugo's Effect on Marina Structures
The author has visited over twenty-five sites along the South Carolina coast and in Puerto Rico to ascertain the effects of Hurricane Hugo on marina facilities. Types of structures evaluated...

Post-Hugo Beach Restoration in South Carolina
Hurricane Hugo caused unprecedented damage and extensive beach erosion in South Carolina on 22 September 1989. One week after Hugo, a plan was prepared to push up an emergency dune along...

The Plight of State Legislation Mandating Building Codes in South Carolina
Since 1968, counties in South Carolina have exercised their individual option to adopt and enforce building codes. Prior to Hurricane Hugo on September 21, 1989, 17 of the 46 counties...

Shell Island Restoration
Shell Island is a barrier island along the Louisiana coast that protects back bays and marsh land south of New Orleans. In 1979, the island was breached by a hurricane, exposing the back...

Non-Separable Baroclinic Instability and Frontal Cyclones

An Advectively Sustained Thermocline on the Agulhas Bank

The Evolution of Cyclonic Disturbance and Lee Waves Over a Topography in a Rapidly Rotating Stratified Flow

Major Oil Spills, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Innovative Financing of Drainage Projects in Harris County, Texas

Design of a Hurricane Resistant Floating Breakwater for Charleston Harbor, South Carolina

Changes Along a Seawall and Natural Beaches: Fourchon, LA

Shoreline Response to Hurricane Gilbert: Lessons for Coastal Management

Beach Erosion Control and Hurricane Protection for Virginia Beach, Virginia

Fishing Boats Damages by Typhoon in Small Ports

Coastal Barrier Island Management in Florida
Coastal barriers in Florida have experienced the brunt of the state's rapid population growth. Excessive development of these environmentally sensitive areas has destroyed...

Morphodynamic Signature of the 1985 Hurricane Impacts on the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Erosion and Washover in Coastal Louisiana
In 1985 three hurricanes affected the barrier coastline (Caminada-Moreau Headland) of Louisiana. These produced severe coastal erosion and rapid washover extension. Using the 1979 U.S.G.S....

Dune Erosion-Frequency of Storm Occurrence Relationships

Eastern United States Extreme High Water Levels

How to Rebuild and Redevelop a Coastal Town After a Severe Coastal Storm—Nags Head's Perspective





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