Performance of Manufactured Housing in Louisiana During Hurricane Andrew

Estimation of Vθmax, and Identification of the Iniki Overwash Line on Kaua'i

An Overview of the Federal Response to Hurricane Iniki

Evaluation of Design Wind Loads for Manufactured Homes and Needed Improvements

Performance of Plywood and OSB Sheathing During Hurricanes Andrew and Iniki

Hurricane Shelter Design Criteria for Public Schools

Critique: Rebuilding and Recovery

Wind Loads on Roofs of Low Rise Structures: Buffeting or Interaction

Causes of Roof Covering Damage and Failure Modes: Insights Provided by Hurricane Andrew

Testing Methods for Roof Systems

Damage to Engineered Structures at Homestead AFB

Coastal Circulation and Sedimentation During Severe Storms
Numerical hindcasts of storm flows and sedimentation during tropical cyclones in the western Gulf of Mexico, and a northeaster in the Middle Atlantic Bight, are summarized and compared....

Successes and Failures of Metal Building Systems During Hurricane Andrew

How Tall Transmission Poles Survived Hurricane Andrew

Overview of Hurricane Iniki

Hurricane Andrew - The Ultimate Curtain Wall Test

Simulating Learning Development for Construction
This paper presents the methodology used to model the learning development phenomenon in the CYCLONE format using the Boeing learning curve. CYCLONE is a discrete event process interaction...

Scour Around Bridge Piers in Oklahoma Streams in 1986
Historically, Oklahoma has received many severe rainfall and flooding events due to hurricanes hitting the coast of Florida and moving to the Gulf Coast area. One such event occurred during...

Hurricane Andrew in South Florida: Steps to Recovery and Lessons Learned
This is the second part of a two-part paper which analyzes the development and impact of Hurricane Andrew in South Florida. The paper specifically deals with the experiences of the South...

Marina Facilities Planning Design and Operations in Hurricane Prone Areas
The overall growth in population of coastal areas in the southeastern and coastal regions of the Unites States has created a need for additional water related recreation facilities such...





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