Uncertainties in the Prediction of Hurricane Windspeeds

Demonstrated Success in Reducing Risk of Losses in a Severe Hurricane: Hurricane Omar Experience

Erosion Hazards and Coastal Construction Deficiencies Observed on Kauai After Hurricane Iniki

Estimation of Vθmax, and Identification of the Iniki Overwash Line on Kaua'i

Coastal and Oceanographic Impact of Hurricane Andrew

Coordinating the Feasibility of a Dredged Material Separation System Using Hydrocyclones for the Maintenance Dredging Operation at Canaveral Harbor, Florida

Instrumented Buoy Network Response to Ocean Swell
The National Data Buoy Center has an extensive network of more than 20 moored buoys along the west coast of North America And in the Eastern North Pacific Ocean. The network ranges from...

Coastal Circulation and Sedimentation During Severe Storms
Numerical hindcasts of storm flows and sedimentation during tropical cyclones in the western Gulf of Mexico, and a northeaster in the Middle Atlantic Bight, are summarized and compared....

Disaster Debris Management and Diversion from Hurricane Iniki

The Role of SEAOH in the Post-Iniki Rebuilding and Recovery Effort

Some Lessons from Australian Experience

Evaluation of Design Wind Loads for Manufactured Homes and Needed Improvements

Hurricane Andrew's Effect on Manufactured Housing

Hurricane Iniki, A Hindcast, Winds, Windwaves, Swells, Storm Surge, and Wave Run-Up

Using GIS Technology to Assess Hurricane Damage

Critique of Commercial Structures

Successes and Failures of Metal Building Systems During Hurricane Andrew

Testing Methods for Roof Systems

Damage to Engineered Structures at Homestead AFB

Survivability of Manufactured Housing in Hurricanes





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