Design and Construction Deficiencies and Building Code Adherence

Standardizing Wind Measurements for Documentation of Surface Wind Fields in Hurricane Andrew

A Statistical Analysis of Wind Damage to Single-Family Dwellings Due to Hurricane Hugo
The claim files of 575 policy holders of the South Carolina Windstorm and Hail Underwriting Association were analyzed to determine the nature of wind damage to single-family dwellings...

Failure of the Turkey Point Unit 1 Reinforced Concrete Chimney During Hurricane Andrew

Effects of Hurricanes Andrew and Iniki on Lifelines

Erosion Hazards and Coastal Construction Deficiencies Observed on Kauai After Hurricane Iniki

Improving the Performance of Architectural Glazing in Hurricanes

The Determination of Typhoon Design Wave By Synthetic Probibility Method
In summer and autumn, typhoons always take place in the northwest pacific. in the northern hemisphere, the typhoon is a large, anticlockwise, atmospheric eddy. Due to the strong wind speed,...

Shelters for Hurricane Refuge

Some Lessons from Australian Experience

Performance of Offshore Platforms in Hurricane Andrew

A Knowledge-Based Computer System for Financial Wind Risk Management
This paper presents the results of a sponsored applied research project conducted by a multi-disciplinary team to integrate state-of-the-art methods in wind and collateral (e.g., surge,...

Proposed Hurricane Wind Speeds for ASCE 7-95
A 2-3 second peak gust wind map has been proposed for the wind load provisions of ASCE 7-95, now in draft form. On the hurricane coast, speeds from published Monte Carlo analyses were...

Role of Vortex-Excited Vibrations in Damage to Power Poles in Hurricane Andrew

Demonstrated Success in Reducing Risk of Losses in a Severe Hurricane: Hurricane Omar Experience

Assessment of Building Damage Sustained During Hurricane Iniki (Comparison with Hurricane Iwa)

Catastrophic Hurricanes May Become Frequent Events in Caribbean and Along the United States East and Gulf Coasts

Overview of Hurricane Andrew in South Florida

Relationship Between Residential Insurance Losses and Wind Conditions in Hurricane Andrew

Survivability of Manufactured Housing in Hurricanes





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