How Tall Transmission Poles Survived Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Andrew Induced Damage to Florida Power & Light's Transmission System

Failure of the Turkey Point Unit 1 Reinforced Concrete Chimney During Hurricane Andrew

Performance of Traffic Signals and Signs in Hurricane Andrew

Wind Action on Highrise Structures: Codes - Wind Tunnel - Reality

A Survey of Building Performance in Hurricane Iniki and Typhoon Omar

Improving the Performance of Architectural Glazing in Hurricanes

Failure of Residential Building Envelopes as a Result of Hurricane Andrew in Dade County, Florida

Statistically-Based Evaluation of Homes Damaged by Hurricanes Andrew and Iniki

Life After Andrew on Florida's Turnpike

Role of Vortex-Excited Vibrations in Damage to Power Poles in Hurricane Andrew

Analyzing Wave and Storm Surge Impacts from Hurricane Andrew on the Dade County Beach Erosion Control and Hurricane Protection Project

Hurricane Andrew and the Central and Southern Florida Project

Improvements to Residential Construction on Kauai After Iniki

Are Building Codes and/or Enforcement Adequate for Hurricane Protection?

Performance of Metal-Plate-Connected Wood Truss Roof Systems During Hurricane Andrew

US Hurricanes of 1992 an Australian Perspective

Economic Risk Analysis of Building Codes

The Importance of Hurricane Risk Assessment in Housing and Improved Design and Building Practice Therein

Probability of Severe Hurricanes Across the Gulf of Mexico





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