A Preliminary Case for the Existence of Hurricane Alleys in the Gulf of Mexico
A review of hurricance intensity in the Gulf of Mexico suggests there are two alleys where hurricanes are roughly 20% more intense than elsewhere. This paper develops a physical basis for the alleys using...

Sustainability and Resiliency Implications of Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy provides a unique opportunity to study sustainability and resiliency issues related to a major weather event. The material presented in this article is based on the Geo-Engineering...

Wind Damage in Hurricane Frederic

The Failure of the South Pass 70 B Platform in Hurricane Camille

Dade County, Florida, Beach Nourishment and Hurricane Surge Protection Project

Post-Hurricane Gustav Reconnaissance of the New Orleans Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System

Living the Katrina Experience

Statistics of Hurricane Waves in the Gulf of Mexico

Hurricane Katrina: Geotechnical Observations in Biloxi, Mississippi

Looking Over Their Shoulder — Real-Time Review Following Katrina

Offshore Experiences in Recent Hurricanes

Hurricane Katrina
This chapter provides an overview of Hurricane Katrina, including data on its category, its path and intensity, and its effect on wind and water forces....

Hurricane Protection System
This chapter discusses hurricane protection systems. Topics include standard project hurricane, levees and floodwalls, datums and elevations, and interior drainage and pump stations....

Overview of Hurricane Katrina
This section provides a brief overview of the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina as well the storm's wind speed....

Thermal Cyclone Washing for Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils
Thermal Cyclone Washing (TCW) is a soil remediation technology developed and tested at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. TCW is a combination of thermal, chemical, and physical...

Lessons Learned from Experience Dealing with Risks of Extreme Events: Part I
The five speakers in this session talked about a wide variety of topics, including schedule dependencies in hurricane preparedness, knowledge mapping across networks, extreme events in...

Bridge Scour Assessments Following Hurricane Danny in Southern Alabama

Upgrading Building Code Requirements in Hurricane-Prone Areas

Wind-Induced Internal Pressures on Sports Arenas

Hurricane Impacts and Shoreline Recovery along Masonboro Island, North Carolina





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