Engineering History and Heritage
This proceedings Engineering History and Heritage, contains papers presented at the Second National Congress on Civil Engineering History and...

Underground Transportation Facilities: USA & Asia

A History of Shared Vision Modeling in the ACT-ACF Comprehensive Study: a Modeler's Perspective

Ultra Violet Disinfection: A 3-year History

From Art to Science: Bridge Scour Countermeasures

Measurement of Gmax Under Anisotropic Loading Condition Using Bender Elements

Southern California Water History and Policy

Development of Water Resources for the Salt Lake Valley

The Queensboro Bridge Complete Rehabilitation Program

For engineers accustomed to working with steel, using large wood beams in structural applications can be an unusual experience. Three Midwestern construction projects—a nature center,...

Game, Set and Match (Available Only in Geoenvironmental Special Issue)
The U.S. Open, which takes place in New York City at the end of August each year, is one of four prestigious Grand Slam tennis events drawing players and fans from around the world, and...

Studies of Composite Construction at Illinois and Lehigh, 1940–1978

Some Research on Composite Structures in the U.K., 1960–1985

Research on Composite Structures in Australia 1960–1985

Review of the Development of Composite Structures in Germany 1950–1990

Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus

Slush Lahar Hazards on the Flank of Mt. Fuji - A History and Perspective on Climatic Change

Tracking Seismic Hazards
Union Station in downtown Portland, Ore. is a historic landmark but also a seismic risk. Engineers were charged with making a priority list of hazards so that the owners could prioritize...

Planning Framework for Developing Sustainable Transportation Systems

A Bridge for the 21st Century
The authors write about the cable spinning process used in the Great Belt East Bridge project in Denmark. The bridge, when completed, will be the largest suspension bridge in the world....





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