Forming Civil Engineering's Future
Proceedings of the 1999 National Civil Engineering Education Congress, held in Charlotte, North Carolina, October 16-20, 1999. This collection contains...

The Lowell National Historic Park: Birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution

150 Years of Underground Design and Construction

Phillips Winthrop House: Home of The Engineering Center and BSCES/ASCE

Reflections on ASCE's Historical Landmark Programs (International Landmarks)

29 Years Documenting Engineering Heritage

ASCE Guide to History and Heritage Programs

Heritage, Ethics and Professionalism in Civil Engineering Education

The National Historic Landmarks Survey

The Civil Engineer at the Smithsonian Institution

Advancing the Awareness of Civil Engineering History (Los Angeles Section)

85th Anniversary of the Seattle Section

Historical Civil Engineering Projects in Texas (Texas Section)

Highlights of a History of the Colorado Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers

Robert E. Lee and the Saving of the St. Louis Riverfront (St. Louis Section)

Come to Nashville in 2002 for ASCE's 150th Birthday Party and Join the Tennessee Section in Celebration of Our Two Centuries of Civil Engineering

History and Heritage Program for the Maryland Section

Rebuilding History
Deterioration of the second-oldest multiple-arch masonry viaduct in the country—in Canton, Mass.—threatened its ability to continue carrying Amtrak's Northeast Corridor trains,...

This Time With Feeling
Adaptive reuse has been a buzzword for sometime, but recently, changes in government and military operations and renewed interest in the revitalization of urban centers have pushed the...

TEA-21: Something for Everyone
The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21) is the largest public works legislation in U.S. history, providing significant funding increases for virtually every form of...





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