Techniques for Validating Historical Hydrometeric Data

But the Model Said We wouldn't Spill! Limitations of Deterministic Simulation

Geomorphic History of the Red River of Louisiana and Texas

Historical Floods on the Middle Mississippi River

The Shared Use of Transboundary Water Resources In the Middle East - An Historical Perspective

Past, Present, and Future of Water and Wastewater

Introduction to Micropiles: An International Perspective

Key Note Address: An Overview of Rubble-Mound Breakwater Development in the United States

History of Dolos Armor Cover at Cleveland Harbor, Ohio

The History of the Humboldt Jetties, Eureka, California 1880 to 1994

Berlin's Big Dig
As the first of many major development projects for the new Berlin, the DM 1.5 billion FriedrichstadtPassengen project is the largest private construction investment in Berlin's...

The History and Present Status of Microwave Aircraft
The history of microwave-powered aircraft is reviewed from the point of view of interaction between the technology of beamed microwave power transmission and the applications for it. the...

Fatigue Damage Accumulation Under Stochastic Stress Histories
An extensive simulation study was performed to generate random Gaussian stress time histories from power spectral densities (psd's). The psd's of time histories were selected to represent...

Experimental Measurements of Dynamic Loads Imposed by Moving Crowds
Dynamic forces generated by moving occupants were measured using an instrumented forces platform. Experiments were conducted for several sets of loads due to individuals and groups of...

Seismic Response of Concrete Tilt-Up Systems
A Summary of the measured dynamic response of a one-story, till-up warehouse located in Hillister, California, is presented. Acceleration and relative displacement histories may be used...

The Structural History of the Jacob Bachmann Tavern
The Jacob Bachmann Tavern is located in Easton, Pennsylvania. It is a collection of four interconnected buildings that have been constructed and modified over a period of 240 years. Structural...

History and Development of Fabric Structures
Except for the cave, the tent has been the dwelling for most nomadic peoples from the Ice Age to the present. Until recently, the three basic forms used are namely, the conical, the widespread...

Historical, Current and Upcoming Regulation Schedules for Lake Okeechobee
This paper reviews historical information of regulation practices for Lake Okeechobee since the beginning of the century. It also describes and analyzes the multipurpose objectives associated...

Understanding the Uses of History in Water Resources Planning and Management
Understanding how water resources decisions (technical, regulatory, structural, or managerial) have been made is necessary to provide the water industry with a perception of complex human...

Spring Deposits and Late Pleistocene Ground-Water Levels in Southern Nevada





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