A Surveying Trip Report from George Washington's Diary

The World's Oldest Civil Engineering Professor

So Mrs. Roebling—What's Your Side of the Story—About the Brooklyn Bridge?

Extending the Legacy: Planning America's Capital for the 21st Century

The Engineer and the Smithsonian Institution's Civil Engineering Collections

Civil Engineering Education: An Historical Perspective

J.A.L. Waddell and the Diffusion of Civil Engineering Techniques

Montgomery C. Meigs: The Eclectic Engineer

Building the Infrastructure of the New Federal City: 1793-1800

Early Surveys in the Nation's Capital

`Meigs Among the Ruins': Montgomery C. Meigs and the Construction of the United States Capitol Extension

Sanitary Engineers in American Cities: Changing Roles from the Age of Miasmas to the Age of Ecology

How to Make Our Heroes—Their Heroes

Engineering and History: Manifestations in Monuments

27 Years Documenting Engineering Heritage

Changes in OSHA in the Last 25 Years

Benjamin Wright—The Father of American Civil Engineering

ADR, 25 Years of Progress

Case Histories of Geophysics Applied to Civil Engineering and Public Policy
These case histories will be of interest to both civil engineers and geophysicists. They document the use of a variety of geophysical methods in support of civil engineering projects....

Civil Engineering History
Engineers Make History
The proceedings, Civil Engineering History: Engineers Make History, contains papers presented at the First National Symposium on Civil Engineering...





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