Saving the Bluffs: Engineering at the Edge
Erosion and landslides along the bluffs bordering the Mississippi River in Natchez, Miss. became an emergency situation when the only road to residents below the bluff was cut off from...

Historic Downtown Dilemma (Available only in Structural Engineering special issue)
Many older commercial masonry buildings built of locally quarried stone or fired brick in downtown areas suffer from roof leaks. Because a studwall cavity often is located between the...

Re-engineering Cowboy Heaven (Available only in Focus on Structures Special Edition)
On a wooded hill overlooking the north end of Oklahoma City sits one of the foremost repositories of this country's Western heritage, the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. Contained...

Program for Estimating the Remaining Fatigue Life of Steel Railway Bridges

Accelerations and Time Histories for Earthquakes Affecting Kentucky's Bridges

Capital Facelift Takes Flight
Since 1988, one of the largest and most complex airport renovation projects in U.S. aviation history has been under way in Washington, D.C. Known as the Capital Development Program, the...

The Balanced Indigenous Population (BIP) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) in Marine Pollution Ecology
This account discusses the regulatory requirement of maintaining a Balanced Indigenous Population (BIP) as it relates to an ocean outfall. A brief history of the development of the BIP...

Identifying Trends from Streamflow Records—A Case Study
Historical streaniflow records for the Ruby River, in southwestern Montana were analyzed for trends and for changes in the precipitation-runoff relationship. Trends were first identified...

Floodplain Analysis of the Lower Santa Margarita River in Camp Pendleton Marine Air Base, California
Floods of 1993 caused extensive flooding of the Santa Margarita River, and significant damage to Camp Pendleton. A floodplain analysis was performed including an assessment of recent flood...

Benefits of the Santa Ana River Mainstem Project
1. Need for additional flood control in Orange County. A. Orange County flood history. B. Increasing Population and development. C. Santa J River flood threat today. 2. How the Santa Axia...

Grounded by History: Airports and Historic Resources

An Advanced Comprehensive Model for the Statistical Analysis of S-N Data

Generation of Ground Motion Time Histories as Non-Stationary Vector Processes: Response Spectrum Compatible Seismograms

History of Coastal Engineering in Australia

History of Coastal Engineering in Canada

History of Coastal Engineering in Denmark

History of Coastal Engineering in France

History and Heritage of German Coastal Engineering

History of Coastal Engineering in Great Britain

History of Coastal Engineering in Italy





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