FAA Outlook for Airport Landside Simulation

The Collection of Clear-Water Contraction and Abutment Scour Data at Selected Bridge Sites in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont of South Carolina

Design Guidance-Instream and Bank Restoration Structures

Betting on the Baseline (Available in Geoenvironmental Special Issue only)
In construction contracts, new deductive differing site conditions (DSC) clauses provide for credits to owners when contractors encounter better-than-anticipated subsurface conditions....

Remediation Lessons Learned
Within the past few years a large number of environmental remediation projects have been completed that are now in postclosure monitoring. What lessons can be learned from these projects?...

Restoring Historic Bridges using Modern Methods

Diagnostic Testing of a Unique Historic Bridge

The Watts Tower Cultural Crescent: Tensile Design Amidst a National Landmark

Applications of Horizontal Sampling and Logging Technologies in Geotechnical Site Investigations

Tomography to Evaluate Site Conditions during Tunneling

Case Studies of Uncertainty Analysis and Explosives Cleanup

Risk Based Corrective Action at a Former Military Site

Assessment of Waste Abrasive Blasting Media from Ship Maintenance Facilities and Sandblasting Contractor Sites

Risk-Based Corrective Measures for Waste Management Facility Closure
(No paper) In the past several years, risked-based corrective measure has been gradually accepted by federal and state agencies as a standard practice for site remediation or site closure....

Traditional Engineering Takes a Turn for the Future Decommissioning Dams and Restoring Ecological Integrity
(No paper) This paper will address the emerging shift evaluating the true value of dams and the importance of including the costs of the initial construction and investments required for...

Empirically-Based Geotechnical Seismic Site Classification

Cape Hatteras Light Station Relocation Project Instrumentation Details

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Move Technical Overview

Characterization of a Tropical Clay via Dilatometer Tests

Estimating Bridge Scour in New York from Historical U.S. Geological Survey Stream Flow Measurements





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