Current Status of Paleohydrologic Studies at Yucca Mountain and Vicinity, Nevada

Coupled Modelling of Groundwater Flow and Hydrochemistry in the Sellafield Area

Groundwater Flow Modelling at the Olkiluoto Site, Finland

Indirect Evidences for Quantification of Groundwater Flow: Assessment of the Consistency of Geohydrological Groundwater Flow Models and Hydrochemical Mixing/Reaction Models of the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

Nine-Component Vertical Seismic Profiling at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Borehole UE-25 ONC #1 Drilling at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

A Radiological Disadvantage for Siting a Repository at Yucca Mountain

Sensitivity Studies of Unsaturated Groundwater Flow Modeling for Groundwater Travel Time Calculations at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Evaluation of Groundwater Travel-Time Calculations for Yucca Mountain

Design Control and Scientific Investigations—Is There Any Linkage?

Quality Assurance Plays a Key Role in Getting the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant to Operational Status

Recommendations from EPA's Review Committee on WIPP

Screening, Combining and Tracking Features, Events and Processes in WIPP Performance Assessments

Use of Expert Judgment in the HLW Regulatory Program: U.S. NRC Staff Draft Guidance

Use of Probabilistic Methods for Analysis of Cost and Duration Uncertainties in a Decision Analysis Framework

Initial EPRI Reaction to the NAS Yucca Mountain Standards Recommendations

National Research Council Report:Technical Bases for Yucca Mountain Standards—A State of Nevada View

Potential Changes to Technical Issues in HLW Performance Assessment

Important Parameters in the Performance of a Potential Repository at Yucca Mountain (TSPA-1995)

Strategy for Rapid Evaluation of Waste Containment and Isolation at the Yucca Mountain Site





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