Design/Build Insurance: Filling in the Gaps
Design-build is on a roll, and the insurance industry is helping it roll along faster. Since 1987, the domestic volume of design-build construction has climbed from 6 billion to 56 billion...

Design/Build Meets Hazardous Waste
For all types of design/build projects, a close cooperative relationship is required among the various stakeholders involved in the project. For hazardous waste cleanup design/build projects,...

Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete III
In Irsee, Germany an international conference on composite construction was held from June 9-14, 1996. It provided a forum for researchers and practitioners involved with composite construction...

Optimal Repair Planning of Existing Bridges Using Genetic Algorithm

Recreation Management on the Lewis River: Problems and Solutions in the Pacific NW

Using Cooperative Development to Supply Project Recreation Demands

Building Scour in Floodplains

Lessons Learned and the Rehabilitation of the Historic Norris Hydro Plant

The Murrah Building Design
This chapter reviews the design of the Murrah building....

Building Damage
This chapter discusses the extent of structural damage done to the Murrah building as well as neighboring structures....

Building Collapse Evaluation Guide
This chapter provides a brief guide for the engineer tasked with evaluating a collapsed building....

Architectural Countermeasures
This chapter discusses architectural elements that can be used to prevent, delay, or mitigate the extent of an attack....

Protecting Existing Buildings
This chapter comments on design principles that can be used to better protect existing buildings from the effects of an attack....

The Düsseldorfer Stadttor - A 20 Story Office Building in Composite Construction

Multi-National Information and Decision Support System for Building Materials, Systems and Components

Installation of an Reinforced Concrete Sewer Through the Basement of an Existing Six-Story Building

An Innovative Housing System

Architecture and Design of the ALADDIN Matrix and Finite Element Environment

Planning and Scheduling Design Changes in a Collaborative Multi-disciplinary Design Environment

Degradation of Natural Building Stone
This proceedings, Degradation of Natural Building Stone represents an effort to collate the various disciplines working in the area of building...





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