Stone Column Improved and Piezocone Tested Site Supports Mid Rise Building Complex - A Case History

When the Property is the Project: Integrating the Federal Power Act with the Requirements of the National Historic Preservation Act at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

The Importance of the Point of Operation of a Kaplan Turbine on Fish Survivability

Developing Effective Environmental Partnerships at Hydro Projects

Building Alliances with Resource Agencies and River Stakeholders through a Negotiated Settlement

$1.9-Billion Eastside Reservoir Project Concept to Construction in 5 Years

Design and Construction of the River Road Reservoir

Reservoir and Shoreline Management - What Uses are Allowable for the Future?

Rocky Mountain Pumped-Storage Project in Operation Since the Summer of 1995

Hydraulic Design of New Fish Sampling Facility at John Day Dam

Hydro Generator Insulation Improvements through Extended Use of Corona Resistant Materials

A Study of Building Deterioration

Climate, Building Design, Energy Use and Comfort

Spur Dike Effects on the River Nile Morphology After High Aswan Dam

2-D Models for Flows in the River with Submerged Groins

A Method for the Restoration of the River Danube and its Evaluation

The Problem of Small-Scale Hydropower Stations on the Rivers of Central Russia

Design-Build & Co.: A Brave New World
There are many inherent risks in overseas work. These are made greater by current project delivery methods, such as design/build operate transfer, and build own operate transfer. The author...

Taking in the River
As dams across the country age, so do their intake gates, and testing them requires dewatering. To meet the challenge of dewatering these structures without upsetting sensitive aquatic...

Seismic Behavior of Tall Buildings Supported on Pile Foundations





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