Contributions of Earthquake Reconnaissance to Improved Understanding of Architectural Issues

Designing Base-Isolated Structures for Near-Field Effects

Precast/Prestressed Slurry Walls with Tie-backs for the Hotel at the World Trade Center in Boston, MA

Composite Supercolumns and Steel Diagonals Retrofit a 47-Story Steel Framed Structure

Seismic and Dynamic Analysis and Design Considerations for High Level Nuclear Waste Repositories
This committee report was created to fulfill two primary objectives: 1) to provide guidance for assessing and defining the dynamic loads that must be considered in the design of a repository...

Riparian Buffer Widths at Rocky Mountain Resorts

Channel Stability Assessment for Flood Control Projects
This manual provides assistance for determining potential channel instability and sedimentation effects in flood control projects. It is intended to facilitate consideration of the type...

Intelligent Civil Engineering Materials, Structures and Systems Revisited

Building Tension in Buffalo
The National Hockey League's Buffalo Sabres have a new home, topped with an unusual tension-braced domed roof. An ingenious combination of dome designs, the Marine Midland...

Building to Last
This proceedings, Building to Last, contains the papers presented at the American Society of Civil Engineers Fifteenth Structures Congress...

Supporting System for Automatic Prefabrication of Bar-Meshes

Construction Planning of Hi-Rise Buildings with an Object-Oriented Solid Geometry Model

Application of Visualization Tools in Architectural and Engineering Design

Applications of a Conceptual Model in Building Design

Database Design for the Public Transit Facilities Management System (PTMS)

Simulating the Effects of Goal Incongruency on Project Team Performance

Parallelizing IDARC on a Massively-Parallel SIMD Computer

Some Research on Composite Structures in the U.K., 1960–1985

Composite Beam Test for a New High-Rise Building in Frankfurt

Use of High Performance Grout to Restore Masonry Structures





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