Deformations of Buildings in the Cryolithozone

Field Trial of Tire Shreds as Insulation for Paved Roads

Frost Heave Problems Inside a Nuclear Power Plant

Rigid Insulation to Reduce Foundation Embedment

Minipiles Support High Rise Hospital Through Boulders in Residual Soils

The Concrete CANEW: A Competitively Aggressive Novelly Engineered Watercraft

Facilitating the Success of Middle to High School Minority Students towards Engineering

The Blue Ridge Parkway: Building and Nurturing a Design and Engineering Legacy

Ithiel Town and the Design of the North Carolina State Capitol: 1831–1835

A Moving History: Getting the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse from Here to There

The Design–Build (Move) and Historic Preservation

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Move Technical Overview

Moving the Cape Hatteras Light Station: Geotechnical Considerations

Cape Hatteras Light Station Relocation Project Instrumentation Details

Pipeline Safety, Reliability, and Rehabilitation
This proceedings, Pipeline Safety, Reliability, and Rehabilitation, consists of papers sponsored by the Pipeline Division of the American Society...

Structural Design for Physical Security
State of the Practice
Prepared by the Task Committee on Structural Design for Physical Security of ASCE. This report provides guidance to structural engineers in the design...

Construction Inspection for Commercial Buildings

Critical Skills of Teamwork
This chapter explores the need for teamwork, interdependence, and teamrelated skills....

Retrofitting Existing Structures

Who Provides Inspection
With the increasing interest in the design-build project deliver system, the decision of who should be responsible for quality assurance/quality control has become a complex one. To assist...





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