What Part of Nollan Didn't They Understand?
This presentation concerns litigation presently pending between the County of Santa Barbara and the owners of a home on the beach in Santa Barbara County. The lawsuit commenced in November...

The Public Trust Doctrine and Implied Dedications
An overview is given on the public trust doctrine and public rights obtained by the implied dedication of property to a public use. Historical development of public trust doctrine in the...

Making Way for Runways
New runway construction at major U.S. airports is not only about landing more airplanes, it's about moving communities, spanning or moving interstate highways, and hauling...

Structures Keep Animals off Roadways in Florida

Tight Squeeze
The Newark, New Jersey Route 21 Viaduct Replacement is a massive, $250 million highway improvement program being undertaken by the New Jersey Department of Transportation. Michael Baker...

Smart Sign Support
The Route 80-MAGIC (Metropolitan Area Guidance, Information and Control) project is considered to be the showcase Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) project for the state of New Jersey....

Privatized California Toll Road Gains FHWA Approval

FCC Designates 511 Traffic Information Number

Safeguarding Los Alamos
A forest fire that burned 48,000 ac (19,500 ha) around the Los Alamos National Laboratory, in New Mexico, in May 2000, created another problem for one of the nation's most...

Evaluation of KeySystem I Retaining Wall
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC), a CERF Innovation Center. This report describes an evaluation to determine...

Financial Reporting to Include Roads and Bridges

Vietnam Begins to Turn Trail into Highway

Impact Fee for Roadway Development Ruled Constitutional

Reconstructed Highway Revives Cincinnati Riverfront

Roadway and Curbside Traffic Simulation for Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

Travel Forecasting and Roadway Simulation for Airport Groundside Access

Addressing Bridge Scour When Funding Falls Short

Scour Analysis at Highway Structures

Rapid-Estimation Method for Assessing Scour at Highway Bridges

Hydraulic Design of Bridge with Erodible Road Embankments





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