Bendway Weirs and Highway Protection in Colorado: A Case Study on the Blue River

Compaction Grouting to Reduce Seismic Risk and Collapse Potential for Freeway Storm Drain System

Freeway to the Future
A new network model is emerging introducing a new step between servers and desktops: middleware servers with querying software. The new network architecture, combined with the use of both...

Traffic and Transportation Studies
This proceedings, Traffic and Transportation Studies, consists of papers presented at the First International Conference on Transportation...

Blue Earth County Superpave Level I Project: CSAH 8 from TH 22 to TR 167

Variable Slip Friction Measurement Techniques for Snow and Ice Operations

Thermal Stress Restrained Specimen Test User Survey

Modeling of Road Surface Temperatures in Winter

Spreading Measurements and Longitudinal Cracking: Sheep Creek— Goldstream Road, Fairbanks, Alaska

Geotextile-Reinforced Pavement Over Spreading Embankments: Goldstream Road, Alaska (Performance 1994–1998)

Interface Friction of a Soil–Fabric–Aggregate System

City of Duluth Long Term Street Improvement Program-History

Blue Earth County Finn Road/Oil Gravel Project: CSAH 24 from TH 30 to CSAH 25

Instrumentation of Reinforcement, Separation and Drainage Geosynthetic Test Sections Used in the Reconstruction of a Highway in Maine

Winter Tenting of Highway Pavements

Evaluation of Wood Chip Fill on MN TH 53

Deformability Parameters of Shredded Tire Lightweight Fills

Relating Climate Factors to Pavement Subsurface Conditions

Creating Durable Parking Structures for the Harsh Minnesota Winters

Software to Establish Seasonal Load Limits for Flexible Pavements





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