More Money for Road Construction

Highways: Arkansas Interstate Rehabilitation Nears Its Peak

Transportation: New Transportation System Being Designed to Ease Traffic Congestion

Transportation: Texas Plans New Statewide Corridor for Highways, Rail and Utilities

Technology: Researchers Improve Roadway Scanning Methods

Rising Tide
In an effort to accommodate a new light-rail system in New Jersey between Camden and Trenton, the state's Department of Transportation began the formidable task of enhancing...

Changing Lanes
The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) plans to relocate Interstate 195 in downtown Providence began as a safety improvement project but has since grown into an ambitious...

Strength from Within
After decades of being continuously struck by rockfalls and wayward vehicles, Knapps Hill Tunnel�a highway structure built in 1936 and located on state Route 97A in central Washington...

Structural Engineering: New Barrier Absorbs Energy from Auto Racing Crashes

Highways: Firms Prepare to Construct Central Texas Turnpike

ASCE's Anniversary Celebration Gains Roadside Visibility

The Train Lane
With the elimination of more than 200 at-grate roadway crossings, the Alameda Corridor - $2.4-billion rail cargo expressway in Los Angeles - will carry 100 freight trains in and out of...

Reconstructing a Grand Boulevard
Wacker Drive, the two-level riverfront roadway that has defined the boundary of Chicago's business and cultural district for more than 75 years, is undergoing a much-needed...

Structures: Reno Pharmacy Constructed above Highway

Landmarks in American Civil Engineering History: National Road

Landmarks in American Civil Engineering History: Interstate Highway System

The Road Ahead: CE Roundtable - Considering the Future of the Profession

The Road Ahead: Leaders in Training

Freight Pipelines: Past, Present and Future
Freight pipelines are a set of time-honored methods to transport solids by underground pipelines, and the technology is improving. However, for intercity and interstate freight transport...

Economic Restoration of Concrete Infrastructure at Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
United States municipalities are spending hundreds of millions of dollars annually tore place and repair corroded concrete infrastructures in wastewater systems. Structures such as wet...





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