OSHA and the Design Professional
Since the creation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the question of how the role of design professionals - engineers and architects - relate to the safety of a construction...

1993 Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park Census in Beatty and Pahrump, Nevada

Impact of Nuclear Waste Traffic on Highways

Development of Functional Characteristics of Vehicle Mounted Plastic Scintillation System

Doe's Topical Report on a Methodology to Assess Vibratory Ground Motion and Fault Displacement Hazards at the Yucca Mountain Site

Retaining and Flood Walls
The engineering manual Retaining and Flood Walls from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers provides guidance for the safe design and economical...

A Speed Prediction Model for New Zealand Highways
This paper outlines a limiting speed model using probabilistic techniques to simulate the different types of vehicles and their performance along a two-lane rural highway. The road to...

Characteristics of the US Highway Bridge Population
Characteristics of US highway bridges are summarized, and conditions of national, regional, and state bridges are analyzed with respect to structural deficiency. The overall patterns in...

Empirical Performance Comparison for Symbolic and Subsymbolic Learning Systems
The paper gives a description of a comparative study of two learning systems based on symbolic and subsymbolic learning. The two systems' performance was analyzed using the overall empirical...

Computer Implementation of Fuzzy Reasoning in Tendering
There are a lot of risk factors need to be considered in tendering in the construction industry. Examples are a) The market conditions: the degree of competition, the prevailing and the...

Software Interface in Engineering Applications
The evolution of personal computer (PC) software has reached the point where most major types of software will interact. The ability of PC programs to share various texts, graphics and...

High-Performance Concrete Incorporating Large Volumes of ASTM Class F Fly Ash

Selected Properties of High Performance Concrete

Estimation of the Thickness of Transition Zone in Concrete and Characteristics of Transition Zone in High-Strength Concrete

Two-Dimensional Modelling of Flow in the River Sava
On the river Sava near Ljubljana, a sports centre with a kayak racing channel was built in 1948. For the world championship in kayak-canoe racing in 1990 totally new racing channel had...

Breakout Session 4A: VMT Estimation

Breakout Session 4B: Speed and Vehicle Mix

Theoretical study of unstable waves in the rapids of the river
This paper examines how the velocity distribution in free-surface flow affects the kinematic and dynamic velocities of disturbance waves on hillslopes or in high-gradient rivers, thereby...

How Tall Transmission Poles Survived Hurricane Andrew

Wind Action on Highrise Structures: Codes - Wind Tunnel - Reality





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