Studded Tire Research in Norway, Finland and Sweden

Environmental Site Investigation Guidance Manual
This manual, Environmental Site Investigation, was prepared as a guidance on procedures for investigating and characterizing a site that may...

Lunar Base Scenario for Middle School with RC Rover

Alternative Scenarios for Military Deployment of Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Statistical Seismic Responses of Structures using Response Spectrum Matching Technique

Structural Behaviour of High Strength Concrete Columns

Dynamic Vehicle Allocation Under Real Time Information: Operational Considerations and Potential Efficiencies

Behavior of High-Strength Concrete Beam-Column Joints

Vision-Based Automated Overtaking Control

Seismic Analysis of Concrete Towers of the San Diego–Coronado Bridge and Evaluation of a High Performance Concrete Retrofit

Building an International Community of Structural Engineers
This proceedings, composed of two volumes, contains the papers presented at the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Fourteenth Structures Congress held in Chicago, Illinois, USA,...

Development of Worker Safety in the Environmental Field in the Past 25 Years

High-Performance Concrete in Bridge Structures in Virginia

Flood Risk Management: New Concepts for an Objective Negotiation
It has been tested in a real situation like the Bourbre catch ment, a Rhone tributary in the Isere department, not far from Lyon (France). This catchment is 700 km large, the river is...

The Construction Safety Record Since 1971

Fabrication and Testing of High Performance Steel I-Girders Research in Progress

Observations of Tidal Circulation in Mamala Bay, Hawaii
A comprehensive measurement program, designed to study circulation processes and support hydrodynamic modeling, has been carried out in Mamala Bay on the south coast of the Island of Oahu,...

Fast Track Basics

Rocky Mountain HOV
In 1988, Colorado DOT and the firm of Daniel, Mann, Johnson, & Mendenhall, Denver, the oversight consultant on the project, set out to bring the highway up-to-date and promote...

Hazardous Waste Landfill Performance as Measured by Primary Leachate Quantity





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