Reliability of High-Strength Concrete Columns

Mechanical Behavior of Confined Reactive Powder Concretes

Constitutive and Structural Behavior of Siliceous High-Strength Concretes After a Thermal Cycle at High Temperature

High-Performance Pipe Products Fabricated with Reactive Powder Concrete

Improving the Ductility of High Performance Concrete Through Mortar-Aggregate Interfaces

Copper Precipitation Hardened, High Strength, Weldable Steel

High-Strength, Rapid-Setting Concrete with Blended Cement

How Crane Safety on Construction Sites Has Changed in 25 Years

Changes in OSHA in the Last 25 Years

Future Changes/Improvements in Construction Safety

Sanata Ana River Project Environmental Compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
The National Environmental Policy Act(NEPA) was first enacted in. 1969, and became effective as of January 1, 1970. The law was intended to ensure that balanced decision-making occurs...

Flood Management Strategies for the Rhine and Maas Rivers in the Netherlands
This paper addresses the above issues, examines the lessons learned, and emphasizes the shift in attention from society on flood management issues. Special attention is devoted to the...

Cost Benefit Analysis of Video-Based Vehicle Detection

Venice, Italy: An Integrated Approach to Solve the Environmental Problems of Its Unique Collection System
The prolonged lack of maintenance of the canals of the city of Venice, Italy, has caused a build-up of sediments resulting in a frequent occurrence of the low waters which has ultimately...

Density and Conditioning Characteristics of Motorway Vehicular Traffic Flow

Entrainment of Eggs and Larval Fish into Propeller Jets
Because larval fish have limited mobility and eggs have no mobility, both are susceptible to entrainment into the propeller jets of passing vessels. Entrainment subjects eggs and larvae,...

Some Phenomenological Aspects of High Performance Concretes, and their Consequences for Numerical Analysis

A Finite Element Based Probability Contouring Method for Structural Analysis

Size Effects in the Fracture of Fiber Reinforced Materials

Probabilistic Cervical Spine Injury Analysis Methods





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