A Wheeled Mobile Robot for Automated Pavement Crack Sealing

Development of a Mobile Instrument Deployment Device (MIDD)

Design Case Adaptation Using Genetic Algorithms

Use of Fuzzy Logic and Similarity Measures in the Risk Management of Hazardous Waste Sites

Effect of Sidewalks and Railings on Wheel Load Distribution in Steel Girder Bridges

Using Virtual Reality to Avoid Construction Falls

Monitor Well Design, Installation, and Documentation at Hazardous and/or Toxic Waste Sites
This manual provides the minimum elements for consideration in the design, installation, and documentation of monitor well placement at projects known or suspected to contain chemically...

A Bridge Live Load Model Including Overloads

System Risk for Multi-Storey Reinforced Concrete Building Construction

Reliability Evaluation of Slender HSC Columns

Control of Mega-Sub Building Against Wind Loads

Resistance Factors for High Strength Blind Bolts

A Probabilistic Framework for Brittle Fracture Assessments of Structures —Constraint and Ductile Tearing Effects

Effects of Non-Structural Elements on the Acceleration Response of Tall Multi-Story Buildings Under Wind Excitation

Risk Assessment of Nambe Falls Dam

Magnetic Investigation of a Simulated Hazardous Waste Site

A Geostatistically-Based Method to Assess Potential Hazardous Waste Sites Using Hard and Soft Data

HOV Fix on I-66
Construction has been under way since December 1993 on a project to widen and add a high occupancy vehicle lane on a 12 mi section of Interstate 66 from Route 50 to the City of Manassas...

Vehicle Traction Performance Comparison for Alaska Winter Seasons

Ground and Airborne Magnetic and Electromagnetic Surveys at a Hazardous Waste Site





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