Seismic Behavior of Tall Buildings Supported on Pile Foundations

Metal Deck Collapse—Professional Liability During Construction

Lift-Slab Construction—Engineering Considerations

Pipeline Research Needs
Pipeline Research Needs is the proceedings of a workshop organized by The Pipeline Research Committee, Pipeline Division, American Society...

NIOSH: Moving Construction Safety and Health into the 21st Century

An Update of Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) Project

OSHA Standards that Require Engineers

Construction Loads and Other Safety Measures Specified by US, UK and Japanese Bridge Standards

Dam Safety Meets Environmental Review, and Both Survive

Bicycle and Motor Vehicle Operations on Wide Curb Lanes, Bicycle Lanes, and Paved Shoulders

The Willow Island Cooling Tower Scaffold Collapse—America's Worst Construction Accident

The Causes of Trenching Related Fatalities and Injuries

Unguided Vehicle Surveillance to Support Route Guidance

Limits and Difficulties in Applying the Quebec Safety Code for the Construction Industry—The Case of Excavations

High-Strength Concrete in Regions of High Seismicity

Seismic Performance of High Strength Concrete Structural Components

Cyclic Behavior of High Strength Concrete Joints

Modeling the Behavior of HSC Beam to Column Connections Under Cyclic Loads

Differential Shortening in Tall Concrete Buildings

Properties of High Performance Steels and Their Use in Bridges





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