New Automobile Terminal Provides Flexibility for Future Requirements

Today's Automobile Ferry Terminal Improvements Solve Tomorrow's Intermodal Transportation Needs

A Study on Time-Space Occupancy Exposure Volume Index for the Residential Streets Interacted by Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic Streams

Applications of Advanced Technologies in Transportation
This volume, Applications of Advanced Technologies in Transportation contains the papers presented at the Fifth International Conference on...

Massive Big Digging in the Center of Berlin

Structural Damages Caused by Hidden Overloads in a Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Parking Garage: Diagnosis and Repair Procedures

Dynamic and Quasi-Static Design of High-Rise Buildings Subjected to Wind Loads

Gain-Scheduled Adaptive Control of a Hybrid Structure

Building Seismic Safety Council Project '97

Prototype Environment for Vertical Integration of Design and Planning of High-Rise Buildings

Earthquake-Resisting Dual Systems and the 25% Rule

Application of High Performance Steel in Steel Bridge Construction

Innovative Long Span High Performance Steel Bridges

Evolution versus Revolution: the Culture of Steel Bridge Construction

Nonlinear Analysis of a Tall Steel Building with Weld Connection Damage

Aluminum Slip-Resistant Connections

Applications of Damping Systems in Tall Buildings

Limitation of Static Torsional Provisions

Identification of Safety Problem Areas for Trucks in Work Zones

The Safety of Concurrent-lane HOV Projects





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