Natural Resources Damage Assessment for Groundwater Resources

Water Supply and Sanitation in the Hemisphere: Issues and Options

Magnetoelastic Instability of Superconducting Partial Torus

Not Your Father's Concrete
A simple mixture of water, aggregate and cement, conventional concrete is environmentally-friendly by nature. But with landfills bloating and hazardous wastes becoming increasingly difficult...

Evaluation of the Construction of Containment Barriers

New Approaches to Cost Risk Analysis

A Fuzzy Multi-objective Approach to Risk Management

Geological Suitability Studies as to Burial of Radioactive Waste in Salts and Tuffs of the Transcarpathian Depression

The Large Block Test, A Progress Report

Effect of Environmental Variables on CO2 Transport Through USW-G4 Tuffs

Reactive Transport Studies at the Raymond Field Site

Radiocolloid Migration Through Backfill-Surrounding Porous Media in Semi-Infinite Cylindrical Geometry

Neptunium, Plutonium, and Americium Solubility and Speciation Studies in a Neutral Electrolyte with a Total Carbonate Concentration Simulating UE-25P#1 Well Water

A Project of Classification of Large Geologic Structures of the Earth's Crust According to the Conditions of Radioactive Waste Disposal

Defining Modeling Parameters for Juniper Trees Assuming Pleistocene-Like Conditions at the NTS

A Cellular Automaton Simulation of Contaminant Transport in Porous Media

Preliminary Sensitivity Studies of Fast-Path Flow on a Cross-Section of Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Adsorption Study for Uranium in Rocky Flats Groundwater

Uniform Surface Complexation Approaches to Radionuclide Sorption Modeling

The Need to Address Enhanced Radon Emission in the Environmental Impact Report of Yucca Mountain





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