A Three Dimensional Oil Spill Model
This paper reports the development and testing of a comprehensive three-dimensional oil spill model. At present time, the model components include advection and turbulent diffusion, vertical...

Water and Sanitation Intervention in Flood Mitigation Programs
Disasters, like floods and cyclones, are almost annual events in Bangladesh. Often post-disaster epidemics of diarrhoeal diseases cause more short- and long-term health problems than injuries...

The Mamala Bay Study, Oahu, Hawaii: Introduction
A comprehensive multi-disciplinary study was conducted to evaluate the effects of point and non-point source discharges on the water quality of Mamala Bay, Oahu, Hawaii. The investigation...

Evaluation of Selected Instruments for Monitoring Scour at Bridges in New York
Reliable methods to monitor scour at bridges are needed to ensure public safety and minimize the cost to repair or replace vulnerable bridges. The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation...

Computation of Structural Flexibility for Bridge Health Monitoring Using Ambient Modal Data

System Design for Safe Robotic Handling of Nuclear Materials

Safety Assessment of a Robotic System Handling Nuclear Material

Brownfields Boom
A brownfield is a leftover, unused industrial land parcel thought to have a prohibitively expensive clean-up required before developing. For years brownfields were battlefields for litigation...

Use of Fuzzy Logic and Similarity Measures in the Risk Management of Hazardous Waste Sites

Monitor Well Design, Installation, and Documentation at Hazardous and/or Toxic Waste Sites
This manual provides the minimum elements for consideration in the design, installation, and documentation of monitor well placement at projects known or suspected to contain chemically...

Magnetic Investigation of a Simulated Hazardous Waste Site

A Geostatistically-Based Method to Assess Potential Hazardous Waste Sites Using Hard and Soft Data

Use of SID Method for Site Characterization

Rx for Risk Communication
When American adults are asked what they fear most, a majority rank public speaking ahead of death, divorce and unemployment. This news may not surprise many environmental project managers,...

Seismic Design Doubles Lateral Resistance (Available only in Structures special issue)
A veterans hospital in Palo Alto, Calif. had to be built under severe design constraints. The seismic code for hospitals is among the most stringent of codes and this facility was sited...

Do-Nothing Cleanups
Restoring polluted soil and ground water to pristine condition is, in some cases, neither cost-effective nor feasible. So what's the best way to close these sites with minimal...

LNAPL Detection, Measurement, and Distribution in the Subsurface Environment

Modeling the Behavior of LNAPLs Under Hydraulic Flushing

Analysis of the Gasoline Spill at East Patchogue, New York

Application of the Hydrocarbon Spill Screening Model to Field Sites





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