Vibro-Replacement for Liquefaction Mitigation for a Hospital Site

Solid Footing (available in Geoenvironmental Special Issue only)
The new $500 million Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in San Bernardino, Calif., sits near two fault lines. The importance of the facility and the sensitivity of the area made seismic...

The Search for HPC (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue only)
High-performance concrete (HPC) is often overlooked by engineers because its properties are not well documented. Concrete Clinic International conducted a study to learn more about the...

Welfare to Work: An Application of GIS in Assessing the Role of Public Transit

A Risk-Based Approach for a National Assessment

Uncertainties Associated with the Preliminary Ecological Risk Assessment Process: Case Study

Engineering Controls for Risk Reduction at Brownfield Sites

The New Madrid Earthquake: Preparing Nurses

Evacuation Strategies for Public Officials

Earthquake-Initiated Hazmat Releases: An Assessment

Seismic Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Hospitals—Vulnerability Studies by Energy Methods

Screening Hospitals and Fire Stations for Seismic Potentials in City of Tehran

The Importance of Dissemination and Instruction in Hurricane Warnings

Natural Disaster Reduction
These proceedings contains the summaries of the presentations at the 1996 ASCE International Conference and Exposition on Natural Disaster Reduction held in Washington, D.C., December...

Environmental Health Risk

The Role of Bioremediation in Environmental Restoration and Pollution Prevention

Environmental Contamination and Site Remediation

White Paper on Sustainable Development and Industrial Ecology; IEEE Environment, Health and Safety Committee

Healthy Environments and Environmental Health

Air Pollution Engineering: Source Reduction and Emission Control





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