A Screening Method to Rank Landfills Based on Relative Environmental Hazard

Migration of Spilled Oil from Ruptured Underground Crude Oil Pipelines in the Memphis Area
This study evaluated the impact of an oil pipeline rupture in the recharge area of a West Tennessee aquifer. Two potential break locations were chosen in the alluvial valley of a main...

An Assessment of Environmental Costs Associated with Crude Oil Pipeline Damage Caused by Earthquakes
This paper presents a methodology for assessing the risk of environmental contamination from oil pipeline leaks caused by earthquakes. Risk is measured both as volume of oil released and...

Utilization of Waste Sulfur in Construction Materials and as a Stabilization/Encapsulation Agent for Toxic, Hazardous and Radioactive Waste

Predicting Fate and Effects of Hydrocarbons in the Oceans
Three major sources of hydrocarbons exist in the oceans. One is from oil spills related to the production and transportation of hydrocarbons. The second, while generally not spectacular,...

Hazardous Waste Containment with a Bentonite Cutoff Wall

Grouting for Hazardous Waste Site Remediation at Necco Park, Niagara Falls, New York

Electrokinetic Soil Processing (A Review of the State of the Art)

Design of a Mechanical Refuse Barrier
In the summer of 1988, beachgoers flocking to the New Jersey shore for relief from unusually hot, hurried weather were stunned by the grisly spectacle of hospital debris, industrial and...

The High Level Radioactive Waste Management Program in Japan

Utilization of ORIGEN2 by the Characteristics Data Base

On the Particle Size Distribution of Crushed Spent Fuel

Discrete Fracture Simulations of the Hydrogeology at Koongarra, Northern Territory, Australia

Data Bases About the Transportation of Radioactive Materials

Perceived Risk Impacts from Siting Hazardous Waste Facilities

Environmental Amenities and the Location of Industrial Activity

An Evaluation of the Proposed Tests with Radioactive Waste at WIPP

Flow and Transport Through Unsaturated Rock—Data from Two Test Holes, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Models for Calculating Radionuclide Release from the Near Field

Demands Placed on Waste Package Performance Testing and Modeling by Some General Results of Reliability Analysis





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