San Francisco Bay and Delta Oil Spill Fate Studies Part I: Hydrodynamic Simulation
A two-dimensional vertically-averaged finite element model was used to simulate the hydrodynamics in San Francisco Bay and Delta to support oil spill fate studies. Simulations were performed...

Using Co-Management in a Voluntary Hazardous Waste Facility Siting Process
The recent approval for construction and operation of a hazardous waste management facility in Manitoba, Canada is an example of a siting process that is voluntary and that gives the community...

Resource Extraction Activities in the Coastal Zone—The Impact of Offshore Oil Production on Coastal Communities
There are few studies that examine the impact of offshore oil extraction on social problems, educational attainment and economic health of communities. The results of this study demonstrate...

An Application of Scour Hazard Analysis and Management
A phased study for the assessment of bridge scour vulnerability is presented. Its objectives are to: (a) initiate a field assessment program, (b)establish data handling capabilities, (c)...

Multiple Objectives, Uncertainty and Routing Decisions for Hazardous Materials Shipments
Explicit consideration of multiple objectives and uncertainty is important in hazardous materials transportation, particularly in regulating routes or making routing decisions. Application...

Oil Under Ice: Buoyancy Viscous Spreading

Oceanographic Influences on Oil Spill Movement in the Arabian Gulf

A Survey of Vadose Zone Flow and Transport Models

Hydraulic Risk of Flood Disaster Reduction at Dams

Effects of Viscosity on Migration of Spills of Hazardous Liquids

Flood Control Experiences in China and 1991 Flood Disaster

Developing an Industrial Toxics Management Program

Guidance for Decontamination of Debris

Remediation of VOCs in Water Using UV/Oxidation

Field Analysis of Contaminated Sediments by Immunoassay

Identifying Promising Hazardous Waste Reduction Technologies

Incineration—Panacea or Pandemic?

Development of a Protocol to Evaluate Volatility and Biodegradability Characteristics of Turpene-Based Solvent Substitutes

Hydraulic Conductivity of Landfill Liners Containing Benzyltriethylammonium-Bentonite

Permeation of Organic Chemicals Through HDPE Geomembranes





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