Concept for Hazardous Material Management and Container Closure Using Copper Based Alloys

The Effect of Fuel Type in Unsaturated Spent Fuel Tests

Results of Drip Tests of Sludge-Based and Actinide-Doped Glasses

Remote Infrared System for Scanning Hazardous Waste Tanks

Performance Assessment Model of a Single Waste Package

Sensitivity of Radiological Impacts of a Waste Disposal System to Radionuclide Sorption in the Geosphere

The Development of a Packaging Handbook

Emergency Response Preparedness Analysis for Radioactive Materials Transportation

Highway and Interline Transportation Routing Models

Analysis of Potential Highway Routes to Yucca Mountain

Radionuclides Migration in Fractured Porous Rock: Analytical Solutions for Various Boundary Conditions

IPA Phase 2 and NRC's HLWM Regulatory Program

Models for Source Term, Flow, Transport and Dose Assessment in NRC's Iterative Performance Assessment, Phase 2

Canisters and Nonfuel Components at Commercial Nuclear Reactors

System Analysis of Non-fuel Assemble Hardware and Spent Fuel Disassembly Hardware: Its Generation and Recommended Disposal

Results from the Kristallin-I Performance Assessment

Enhancing Nuclear Waste Disposal Safety by Exploiting Regional Groundwater Flow—An Exploratory Proposition

Ground-Water Recharge in Fortymile Wash Near Yucca Mountain, Nevada, 1992-93

Dispersivity in Heterogeneous Permeable Media

Analysis of Flow Along Anisotropic Fractures in Partially Saturated Media





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