Nowcast System Development for the Straits of Florida
As part of the inaugural program for the Ocean Pollution Research Center at the University of Miami, a nowcast system is being developed for the Straits of Florida. The nowcast system...

Effects of Lateral Heading Flow Steadiness on Lateral Spillage
Hourly inflow and spillage rates from three lateral canals in the Imperial Irrigation District in Southern California were measured for seven months and subsequently analyzed to identify...

Denver's Direct Potable Water Reuse Demonstration Project
The Denver Potable Water Reuse Demonstration Project was created to provide definitive answers to the interrelated questions of product quality, public health, technical and economic feasibility,...

An International Approach to Radioactive Waste Management

Nuclear Arms Reduction, Nuclear Proliferation and High-Level Radioactive Waste Management

The Nevada Statewide Radioactive Materials Transportation Plan

Voluntary vs. Directed Siting – Or Somewhere In-Between?

Raising Students' and Educators' Awareness of Radioactive Materials Transport Through Creative Classroom Materials and Exhibits

Toward Integrated Design of Waste Management Technologies

Effects of Policy and Other Changes on Transuranic Waste Disposal at WIPP

Stakeholder Involvement in the Evaluation of a Multipurpose Canister System

Precipitation Kinetics of Radioactive Elements and Their Effect Upon Redox Conditions of the Nearfield

Exploratory Studies Facility and Potential Repository Source Term

Preliminary Spent LWR Fuel Oxidation Source Term Model

Spent Fuel Characteristics Relevant to High-Level Waste (HLW) Source Term

Structured Tradeoffs Preference Elicitation: Evaluating CRWMS Design and Operations

Improved Thermal Source Term Generation Capability for Use in Performance Assessment and System Studies

Population Estimation Techniques for Routing Analysis

Burnup Verification Using the Fork Measurement System

The Reactivity Effects of Nuclide Buildup and Decay During Long-Term Fuel Storage





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