Environmental Remediation Projects: Identifying Construction Tasks of High Uncertainty

Integrating Construction Safety and Health Performance Into CPM

Geo-Environmental Issues Facing the Americas
Contamination of soil and ground water are problems common to developed as well as developing countries; their effects on health and the deterioration of natural resources transcend national...

Assessing Mobility of Household Organic Hazardous Chemicals in Landfill

Site Remediation Via Simultaneous Dual Extraction

Actinide Source Term Predictions for Spent Fuel at Yucca Mountain

Reactivity Effects of Nonuniform Axial Burnup Distributions on Spent Fuel

Preliminary Evaluation of Waste Package Releases Using Drift-Scale Thermo-Hydrologic Analyses

Uniform Surface Complexation Approaches to Radionuclide Sorption Modeling

Preconstruction Testing of Two Soil Liner Materials

On Water Infiltration in Rough-Walled Fractures

Defining the Building Green Process

Business Vulnerability to Disaster-Related Lifeline Disruption

An Overview of the Accident Response Mobile Manipulation System (ARMMS)
The development of a high mobility platform integrated with high strength manipulation is under development at Sandia National Laboratories. The mobility platform used is a High Mobility...

Robotics and Automation for Environmental Screening and Characterization

Feasibility Analysis of Automated Material Handling for Hazardous Waste Remediation
The application of automation and robotics to material handling activities in conventional construction has been extensively researched in terms of technical feasibility, needs identification,...

Modeling of Interaction of Small Particulates in Earth Orbit
The hazards posed by small debris is an area of increasing concern for all space systems. Depending on the size and relative encounter velocity of small particulates, there are a variety...

Nuclear Propulsion: Safety Measures and Concerns
Since nuclear fission was discovered, many potential uses for it have been found. One such application of fission is nuclear propulsion systems in space ships; however, the elements resulting...

The Effect of Zero Gravity on Bones
Zero-gravity has created many problems for astronauts and researchers in space. Calcium depletion is cited as a major health problem. There are many different theories as to why zero-gravity...

Lunar Base Aspects for Biotechnology Industry
A lunar base can provide unique services to biotechnology research, development, and production. A lunar location as well as the vacuum environment can protect experiments from contamination...





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