Weighing a New Hospital Against Health Risks?
In this Mead award-winning essay, the author sets up a hypothetical situation to portray an ethical dilemma. A fictitious firm is approached to design a badly needed hospital in a Third...

Making a Map of Public Health Hazards
Accurately deducing the long-term exposure of community members to health hazards has always been a challenge for engineers. In 1993, the town of Somers, Conn., discovered a residential...

Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation
Mechanics, Prediction, and Assessment
This proceedings, Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation: Mechanics, Prediction, and Assessment, contains papers presented at the First International...

Geophysical Exploration for Engineering and Environmental Investigations
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has prepared this Manual, Geophysical Exploration for Engineering and Environmental Investigations, to provide an introduction for...

Hazard Mitigation Issues
This chapter discusses the structural hazards that impeded rescue efforts....

Initial Hazard Assessment and Mitigation
This chapter discusses the initial assessment of structural hazards....

Discussion of Specific Hazards (Includes 16 Pages of Illustrations)
This chapter details specific structural hazards from the recovery operation....

Regional Debris-Flow Hazard Assessment of Mountain Territories of the Republic of Kazakstan

The Role of Bioremediation in Environmental Restoration and Pollution Prevention

Geoscience and Geotechnical Engineering Aspects of Debris-Flow Hazard Assessment

Insurance and Damage Mitigation - Incentive or Disincentive

White Paper on Sustainable Development and Industrial Ecology; IEEE Environment, Health and Safety Committee

On Housing Administration and Legislation of Egypt

Elevating the Importance & Visibility of Mitigation—Promoting Public Awareness

New FCC Radio Frequency Exposure Protection Guidelines

Optimum Risk Management with Uncertain Hazard and Vulnerability Information

Practice Periodical of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste Management
The Practice Periodical of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste Management publishes articles relating to the allied engineering and scientific disciplines involved in the environmental aspects of the...

Evaluating the Potential of ATT Technologies in Hazardous Materials Transportation Risk Management

Hazards to Personnel from Tower EMFs

Natural Disaster Losses to Conventional Construction and their Mitigation (An Insurance Company Response to Catastrophic Losses Since Hurricane Hugo)





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