Community Involvement in Hazard Mitigation

The Control of Toxicants at Critical Source Areas

Aqueous Concentrations Resulting from Oil Spills on Rivers

Oil Removal from Beaches: An Experimental Study

Debris-Flow Hazard Map Units from Gridded Probabilities

Integrating Engineering and Geological Approaches to Evaluating Debris-Flow Hazards: An Opportunity from Davis County, Utah

The Grading of Risk for Hazardous Debris-Flow Zones

Regional Debris-Flow Hazard Assessment of Mountain Territories of the Republic of Kazakstan

Quality Control for Biomagnetic Applications for Environmental Restoration

Testing Predictions and Uncertainty Statements of Exposure Assessment Models

Design/Build Meets Hazardous Waste
For all types of design/build projects, a close cooperative relationship is required among the various stakeholders involved in the project. For hazardous waste cleanup design/build projects,...

Weighing a New Hospital Against Health Risks?
In this Mead award-winning essay, the author sets up a hypothetical situation to portray an ethical dilemma. A fictitious firm is approached to design a badly needed hospital in a Third...

Hazard Mitigation Issues
This chapter discusses the structural hazards that impeded rescue efforts....

Understanding of Urban Hazards, Fire, and Tsunamis

Development of a Multivariate Vulnerability Indicator

Extraordinary Flood Disaster in Tai Lake Basin of China in 1991

Insurance and Damage Mitigation - Incentive or Disincentive

Initial Hazard Assessment and Mitigation
This chapter discusses the initial assessment of structural hazards....

Sustainability, Risk and Decisions

Discussion of Specific Hazards (Includes 16 Pages of Illustrations)
This chapter details specific structural hazards from the recovery operation....





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