The Role of Coal in the Attainment of Energy Self-Sufficiency in Small Pacific Islands

Engineering Problems in Tropical and Residual Soils in Hawaii

Geology of the Hawaiian Islands

Dewatering in Coralline and Alluvial Sediments

Aliamanu Military Family Housing Project

ASCE Salary Survey 1981
This is the sixteenth report in a series of biennial salary surveys conducted by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Salary data is reported on seven major categories for civil engineers:...

Wave Forces on Rigid Pipes Using Ocean Test Data
A test pipe rig was designed, fabricated, and then placed in the ocean, offshore from Honolulu. The pipe diameter was 16 inches, its length 17.5 feet, and the water depth was 37 feet....

Sewage Irrigation and Recharge Consequences, Oahu
By the year 2000 the island of Oahu, Hawaii, is projected to have a water demand that equals its fully-developed freshwater (essentially ground-water) supply. columns appears that reuse...

Electricity from the Sea
In Hawaii, the state, Lockheed Space and Missile Co. and Dillingham Corp. have conceived, designed and built the first prototype ocean thermal energy conversion plant. OTEC uses the 40°F...

Multi-Modal Transportation in Hawaii

State Airport Planning and Financing

Studying Route Structures in the Pacific

Honolulu International Airport Master Plan Study

The Impact of EIS Requirements of Hawaii's Transportation Programs

Honolulu International Airport Groundside Plan

Two Pacific Region Peoplemovers

Making TheBus Better

Honolulu Mass Transit — Past, Present, and Future

Conservation Economics of Hawaii's System of Water Rights

Honolulu Sewage Plant Pioneers Advanced Primary Treatment, Has Deepest Ocean Outfall
Honolulu recently started up a new sewage treatment plant that brings a new twist to decades-old sewage-treatment technology: advanced primary treatment. Key to this primary treatment...





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