Trends in Coastal Erosion Management

Waimea River Mouth to Kekaha Beach, Kauai, Hawaii: Two Distinctive Natural Sands

Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii: History of Its Transformation from a Natural to an Urban Shore

Troublesome Tropical Soils of Hawaii

Geotechnical Effects from the October 15, 2006 Kiholo Bay and Hawi, Hawaii Earthquakes

Hawaii Section Member Named Outstanding Membership Chair

Jet Grouting for Microtunneling and Shaft Construction in Highly Congested Utility Corridors

Possible Sand Resources on the Reef Front Around Oahu
Large sediment deposits on the reef front around Oahu are a possible resource for replenishing eroded beaches. An overview is given on the collection of closely spaced, high-resolution...

Microtunneling under Honolulu
Highly congested urban utility corridors present some of the most difficult conditions for construction of new underground pipelines, especially when subsurface conditions are also very...

Design and Performance of Large Tunnel Constructed in Saprolite

Microtunneling in Downtown Honolulu

A Needs Assessment and Master Plan for Commercial Harbor Facilities, Oahu, Hawaii

Central Pacific Hurricanes-What Do We Know?

Structural Engineer Completes Hawaii's Grueling Ironman Triathlon

Soil Vapor Extraction to Correct a Gasoline Release in Discontinuous Basalt

Application of the Model SPECIES to Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

Observations of Tidal Circulation in Mamala Bay, Hawaii
A comprehensive measurement program, designed to study circulation processes and support hydrodynamic modeling, has been carried out in Mamala Bay on the south coast of the Island of Oahu,...

Comparison of Near-Field Dilutions Derived from In Situ Measurements and Simulated Dilutions at the Sand Island Sewage Outfall Plume, HI
Near-field dilutions of the Sand Island Treatment Plant (SITP) wastewater plume were derived from salinity measurements made at the sewage outfall between Sept. 25–Oct. 1, 1994, a period...

Near Field Modeling
Results of near field modeling of the wastefield formed by the Sand Island, Honolulu, ocean sewage outfall are presented. Over 20,000 simulations were run with the mathematical model RSB...

Transport Modeling of the Coastal Waters of Oahu, Hawaii
A hydrodynamic model of the coastal waters around the island of Oahu, Hawaii has been constructed to provide quantitative information on the movements and mixing of water that are to be...





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