Collapse Analysis of RC Shells Based on a New Fracture Criterion

In-Situ Testing to Characterize Electric Transmission Line Routes
A review of the literature has shown few definitive studies which separate test variability from soil inhomogeneity. A sensitivity study was performed to evaluate the effects of the overall...

Use of Nondestructive Testing in Rehabilitation of Wood Cooling Towers
State-of-the-art nondestructive evaluation (NDE) techniques, destructive testing, structural analysis, degradation rate models and statistical analysis are combined to optimize a major...

Some Experimental Results on the Dynamic Behaviour of a 40m Guyed Mast
This paper presents the first results and elaborations obtained from the tests of an experimental 40m tall guyed mast. The instruments installed to date are a cup anemometer on the mast...

The Response of Transmission Towers in Hilly Terrain to Typhoon Winds

Transmission Tower Foundations in Weathered Rock
A case history is presented which discusses the siting, design and construction of the tower foundations for a transmission line in southwest Alaska. The project, completed in 1983, consists...

Intermountain Power Project Seismic Design
Coal-fueled generation units of the Intermountain Power Project are constructed in a seismically active area of Utah (UBC Zone 3). The seismic design criteria were published during the...

Limit State Analysis of Lattice Steel Transmission Towers
The background and present status for limit state analysis of lattice steel towers at the Bonneville Power Administration is presented. Conceptual development, a computer program, and...

Reliability-Based LRFD for Transmission Structures
A simple reliability-based Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) method is proposed for the structural design of electric transmission lines. With the proposed method, the designer...

Full-Scale Investigation of Tall Mast Vibrations

Seismic Response of Pile Supported Cooling Towers

Full-Scale Wind and Structural Response Data

Response of Hyperbolic Cooling Tower to Turbulent Wind

A Simplified Simulation of Guyed Towers. P-Delta Analysis

Seismic Response of Cooling Towers on Interactive Shallow or Deep Foundations

BOD Limit in Synfuel Plants' Cooling Tower Makeup

A Mini-Computer Approach to Composite Materials

Water Conservation and Reuse at Coal-Fired Power Plants

High Voltage Transmission Line Considerations in Joint Corridor Use Biological Effects and Electrical Compatibility

West Virginia Cooling Tower Collapse Caused by Premature Form Removal
The collapse of a reinforced concrete cooling tower under construction at Willow Island, W.Va. in April 1978 resulted in 51 fatalities, making it the worst construction accident in American...





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