Tornado Wind Effects on the Grand Gulf Cooling Tower

Interaction Effects of Reactor System and Its Supports

A New Deepwater Offshore Platform – The Guyed Tower

Dynamic Response of Lattice Towers and Guyed Masts
Prepared by the Task Committee on the Dynamic Response of Lattice Towers of the Technical Committee on Special Structures and the Technical Administrative Committee on Metals of the Structural...

Retrofitting of a RC Cooling Tower: From Concrete Modelling to Structural Design

Dynamic Analysis of Lattice Towers

Introduction to the ASCE Guide for the Dynamic Response of Lattice Towers

Collapse of Transmission Line Towers in Typhoon Gay

Dynamic Response of Towers of Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Shake Table for Dynamic Testing of Guyed Towers

Natural Frequencies of Guyed Communication Towers

Determination of Guy Wire Tension by Vibration Measurement

Transmission Line Tower Design Optimization

Seismic Response Modification Factors for Lattice Steel Electrical Transmission Towers

The Willow Island Cooling Tower Scaffold Collapse—America's Worst Construction Accident

Dynamic Behavior of Guyed Towers Under Wind Loads

Evaluation of Dynamic Analysis Results using Full-Scale Lattice Tower Tests

Nonlinear Behavior of RC Cooling Towers and Its Effects on Strains, Stresses, Reinforcement and Cracks

Dynamic Fatigue of High-Rise Natural Draught Cooling Towers

Use of Reclaimed Water in Cooling Towers
The Mobil Oil Torrance Refinery is a modem fuels refinery in Los Angeles County. Like all crude oil refineries, it requires a reliable supply of water for process cooling, steam generation,...





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