The Great Guam Earthquake of 1993 Port Disaster and Recovery

Liquefaction of Coralline Soils during the 1993 Guam Earthquake

Hurricanes of 1992
Lessons Learned and Implications for the Future
In 1992, Hurricanes Andrew and Iniki devastated portions of Florida, Louisiana, and Hawaii causing over $35 billion in damages and the loss of 38 lives. Hurricane Andrew, which accounted...

Remote Automated Wave and Water Level Monitoring System Deployed at Agat Harbor, Guam
Agat Harbor, Guam is a small boat harbor excavated from a coral reef flat and protected by a detached breakwater. An automated monitoring system was designed and installed to observe wave...

Guam's Water Master Plan

Guam Golf Course Challenges Engineers

Conducting a Waterline Corrosion Evaluation
A study has been conducted to determine the level of corrosion activity occuring on the U.S. Navy's potable waterlines on Guam. The study evaluated soil parameters including...

Design of Wharf Facilities, Guam, M.I., to Accommodate Difficult Site Conditions
A wharf facility currently under construction in Guam, Mariana Islands, for the U. S. Navy utilizes precast concrete box caisson construction to satisfy difficult site conditions. To reduce...





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