Hydrogeology and Irrigated Agriculture
A review of drainage problems and groundwater processes on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley (SJV), California, provides useful perspectives on hydrogeology and irrigated agriculture....

Impact of Scaling Rule on Simulating the Transport of DNAPLs
Due to the pollutants from lots of industry sewage and organic solvents, they arelow solubility in water and hard to decompose in nature, didn.t treated adequately, itwill cause the ground...

Rain and Gray Water Reuse Systems: The Hazard of Legionaries Disease
The Legionaries Disease is being more and more diagnosed. This infectious disease occurs when humans come in contact with the aerosol of contaminated water. The body of knowledge is growing...

An Innovative Stormwater Management Project in Sydney, Australia
Presented in this proposed paper will be derails of a project implemented in Sydney, Australia aimed at addressing this need for information regarding the implementation and effectiveness...

Quadtree Grids for Dispersion and Inverse Flow Models

Pearl River Estuary Pollution Project (PREPP): An Integrated Approach

Modelling the Humber Estuary Catchment and Coastal Zone

Beachscape Abstract
The Surfrider Foundation is currently developing a volunteer-based mapping program to document the physical characteristics, land use patterns, pollution sources, public access, erosion,...

Emerging FHWA Transportation and Air Quality Issues

Flight Track Noise Impact Model (FTNIM): A Tool To Assess the Cost of Noise Abatement

Swiss Experience in Integrated Stormwater Management

Reversing the Past? — New Approaches to Urban Drainage in the Emscher Area

The First Steps Towards Sustainable Stormwater Management in Hiller D, Denmark

Restoration of Polluted Urban Watercourses in Tokyo for Community Use

Groundwater Control for the Los Angeles Metro System beneath the Santa Monica Mountains

Ground Deformations Adjacent to a Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Wall

Excavation Support Practices in the Pacific Northwest

Design and Construction of the DART Starter Line Tunnel Contract NC-1B in Dallas, Texas

Seepage Control Measures for an Underground Powerstation in a Semi-Arid Region

Tunneled Sewers in Houston, Texas





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