Coastal Groundwater Dynamics

Monitoring and Modeling Ground Water Behavior in Sandy Beaches as a Basis for Improved Models of Swash Zone Sediment Transport

Redesigning Urban Expressways to Promote Sustainable Development: Ideas Applicable to Central Florida

Modeling the Impact of Land-Use/Transportation Systems on the Regional Environment

Effects of an Integrated Land Use-Transportation-Air Quality Model on Air Quality Conformity Analysis

Modeling of Urban Air Pollution in the Edmonton Strathcona Industrial Area Using Artificial Neural Networks

Emissions Impacts of Utilizing Vehicle Class Distributions by Mode for TDM Analysis

VMT vs. Ozone Exceedences: An Analysis of Correlation

Vehicle Emission Impacts of Alternative Traffic Control Strategies

The Relationship Between Air Quality and Transportation

TCM Effectiveness: Corridor Management Practices

Air Quality Consensus Building in Missouri

The Rogue Valley, Oregon Air Quality Planning Experience

Improving Regional Mobility Through Transit Integration

Hot Soak Emissions: Temporal and Spatial Allocation

Development of an Electronic Knowledge Base to Facilitate Industrial Pollution Prevention Efforts in Egypt

Benefiting Environmental Bottom Line Through Pollution Prevention in Ecuador, South America

USAID's Pollution Prevention Program in Latin America

Performance Evaluation of Dry Detention Ponds with Underdrains

Causes of Increased Net Basin Supply in the Great Lakes Watershed





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